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We are actively looking for guest authors, writers, and guest content contributors to place content on this comprehensive ‘Penguin’ resource.

If you would like to provide unique content and send it to us for review, our expert team will review the writing request and look to place the content.

Email us with your complete content sample at –

Please also provide author details about yourself including your full name, role and website.

Please note; we cannot guarantee that all content writing samples will be approved for final use on this website, plus ALL content provided must fully adhere to the guest content guidelines detailed on this page for consideration.

You are accountable for the accuracy, validity, and any copyright as well as suitability for public use of the information you provide (including any sources or supplemental resources cited).

Guest post content guidelines

Please adhere to the following points before submitting content for our comprehensive penguin based content resource.

  1. Content must be 500 words or more
  2. All statistics and quotes must have a full reference
  3. Any links used must be non-sales based and useful for the reader (non-promotional and value enhancing)
  4. UK spelling and grammar
  5. Sub headings are required throughout
  6. Headings should be title case
  7. Use lists where applicable
  8. Write content in the first person
  9. Use active (not passive) tone
  10. Proof read the content prior to sending to us

Types of content accepted

Our audience digests informal, unique, content where practical advice and experience based tips and advice come to the fore.

Examples of content pitches include:

  • tips and advice
  • how to
  • case studies
  • storytelling
  • thought leadership

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