Who would win – batman penguin or emperor penguin?

DavO asks:

Who would win in a real life scrap, the Batman penguin or an Emperor penguin? I’m talking about real life, not comic life. What do you think?

Our experts answered

Batman penguin would win obviously – that umbrella is awesome.
Here are some of the plethora of addons and upgrades:
First Upgrades:
Small explosive shells
Smoke cartridges
Colorless and odorless
lethal gas
Liquid fire
Sneeze powder
Used to hide trained
Second Upgrades:
Poison darts
Poison needles
Incorporation of a rifle barrel to an umbrella which fabric was made of a hard material, creating the perfect shield and firearm, both in one.
Third Upgrades:
Small cameras with telescopic lenses
Mirrors on the handles Cork shooters
Flamethrowers with one charge per umbrella.
Fourth Upgrades:
Acetylene torch in the handle
Glider umbrella
Helicopter umbrella
Fifth Upgrades:
Net with a spring
mechanic to trap enemies
Heat ray
Explosive cartridges
inside his umbrellas
Sixth Upgrades:
Glass cutter on the handle
Srping mechanic to backfire knockout gas in case someone other than him tried to use the umbrellas against him
Pogo-umbrella, used for quick getaways
Umbrellas that can throw bolas and tie enemies
Seventh Upgrades:
Super flash-blub on the tip to blind enemies
Flare gun to signal his henchmen
Parachute pack concealed inside
Umbrella tongs to capture enemies from a distance
Electrifying umbrella with insulated handle
More Upgrades:
Wire ejection mechanism to trap people
A radio/microphone on the handle to perform as ‘Pee-Wee, The Talking Penguin’:
Umbrella that conceals bird food
Extension handle umbrella
Jet Umbrellas, used as getaway vehicles
Remote controlled umbrellas
Hypnotic Umbrella
Suction Cup Ejector Umbrella
Heat-Seeking Rocket Launcher Umbrella
Machine Gun Umbrella

This info came from https://dc.fandom.com/wiki/Penguin%27s_Umbrella

Gabe 0 Votes An Emperor penguin is a pretty rad fighter, some of the moves I’ve seen an Emperor Penguin do in the local zoo would make your head spin. No bull. Lee Batman expert 0 Votes Forget about that penguin from Batman. Wonder Woman is the real deal – she’d duff anyone up. Sally Soup expert 0 Votes