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Penguin Batman has many fantastic forms. In this section of our website we explore some of the most primitive, funny, and varied types of Penguin Batman on the Internet. The Penguin which people often refer to as Penguin Batman, is a fictional villain renown for first appearing in the range of comic books published by DC Comics – issue 58 back in 1941.

Penguin from Batman Comics

Penguin Batman, or Penguin from DC’s Batman series of comics, is most commonly referred to as one of the key repeated adversaries of the superhero Batman. The Penguin character is seen to have made his first Penguin Batman appearance in Detective Comics (DC) issue number 58. Penguin Batman was created in collaboration by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, with many character versions and variations since his inception.

Mr Penguin and the many names of Penguin from Batman

The Penguin from the global Batman Penguin phenomenon has been referred to in many names and presented in many guises. Common variations on the Penguin character from a combination of Batman associated films, cartoons, television, graphic novels and comic books include:

  1. Penguin
  2. Mr Penguin
  3. Batman Penguin
  4. The Penguin
  5. Cobblepot
  6. Oswald
  7. Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot
  8. Penguin man Batman
  9. Penguin the Batman
  10. DC Penguin
  11. Ultimate Penguin

Penguins real name is Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot

It was not until his middle school years that the name ‘Penguin’ began to be associated with Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot.

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Batman not Penguin

Before we begin this is Batman.

This is not Penguin from Batman.

Lego Batman

Lego Batman not Penguin

Close but no Penguin.
This is Lego Batman.

You know the one from the movie… It too $310,661,173 in Worldwide box office!

You must know this one right?!
OK – it went live in 2017.

The Lego Batman Movie – you got it!

The Batman Penguin - DC Penguin

Penguin Batman

The Real Penguin Batman in it’s DC glory.

Mr Poppers Penguin

#NotAnother Penguin

99 penguins – Mr. Poppers Ain’t One.

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Penguin Batman Frequently Asked Questions

Penguin Batman is a man/penguin of mystery. Very little is known about this deviant, defiant, hybrid character, but what we do know is detailed below.  

Is Penguin Batman real?

Hell yeah he is! What’s more is that even thinking he isn’t real will cause huge amounts of pain to anyone brave enough to even consider the question. 

Is Penguin Batman single?

This is probably the most frequently asked question that he gets asked. 

Batman Penguin is one of the originators of the phrase ‘man/penguin of mystery’, so at this stage you cannot assume anything. 

A penguin is what a penguin does. 

Does a Penguin Batman have Happy Feet?

Oh hell no. 

A Penguin Batman’s feet are always pounding those pavements.

How did the Penguin in Batman get his name?

Originally Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot, the Penguin that people know and love from the DC Batman franchise, was teased in his younger years during school. 

Of the teasing that took place, the name Penguin was frequently used based on the way he looked, and specifically about his posture and hooked nose. 

Who is Penguin on Gotham City?

Born Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot, the Penguin is a fictitious character who first appeared in DC comics, issue number 58. 

How did Penguin in Batman become a villain?

In fact the Penguin is renown as one of the key super-villains within the Batman franchise. 

The Penguins villainous ways are as a result of teasing from a younger age directly based on his posture and facial features.  

What is Penguins real name in Batman

Penguins actual name is Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot. He later adapted this to the Penguin later in life reflecting the repeated bullying he received in junior and middle school years base don his posture, limp, and hooked nose. 

Memes of a Penguin Batman – Comic memes, real-world penguin memes and more

best penguin batman meme

Batman be Penguin

See Batman take on the comical role of the Penguin in this Batman Penguin movie based meme.

come with me penguin meme

Baby Penguin meme-the-daddy

Who said penguins can’t be leaders?

This come we me human meme knows the score.

Who da Penguin?

An early comic book Penguin meme depicting the Penguin in his early characterization, umbrella and all!

stay back i'll handle this - penguin meme

Power Penguin never backs down

Need one Penguin meme to rule them all?

This fluffy chap stands up to all commers!

best penguin batman meme - a working penguin is a happy penguin

Penguin dollar bills $$$

From Batman the movie, this satirical Penguin meme brings the Penguin into real-world life situations – in this case driving his car to work on a Monday morning.

Penguin - every day i'm waddling

Every day I’m waddling

HappyFeet placed the penguin as the singing mammal masterclass of the birds.

This meme takes penguins to the R&B realm.

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More real-world penguin memes – meme be baby one more time

come at me bro penguin

Come at me bro penguin

The Real OG Penguin in action.
Always ready, ever focused.

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Best Batman Penguin images

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